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This is me

After studying Business Informatics at the Universities of Hamburg, Germany, and Lund, Sweden, I worked for eight years in the IT industry, especially in the software development of standard products and individual projects for process optimization and automation. Five of these years I headed the IT department of a medium-sized company. During this time I built up a powerful team, implemented agile software development and numerous software projects, developed IT controlling as part of corporate controlling and successfully conducted negotiations with local and international customers, sales and development partners. My desire to found and develop companies then led to the setting up of my own company in 2015, specialized in digital transformation, business process optimization and automation. Since September 2019 I have also been working as a Company Builder.

I advise companies
in business development and digital transformation.

You are burning for an idea or already have a product or service or run your own company, but you are looking for a sparring partner who will structure your business on the one hand, and creatively make your business fly on the other hand, both taking into account the digital possibilities or even digital transformation. I will help you with the analysis, the change and/or expansion of your business model, the development of a (digital) roadmap, the development of a concrete and well-structured implementation plan. I put my know-how, network, experience and tools at your disposal to reach your customers and make your business relevant for the (digital) future.

You get my help either as a free advice, as a consulting service for concrete tasks or as personal mentoring. Talk to me and we will find the right cooperation model. I look forward to working with you.

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